The muses have blessed Italy in the last two years. And didn’t we need that…

From The Sanremo Music Festival, 2021 to Eurovision, two of the world’s most prestigious music festivals have set their stages in Italy, making everyone groove to the irresistible beats and have a ball.

Exploring Sanremo Music Festival

Do you ever wonder when and how did Italy’s most famous musicians receive their tremendous fame?

From Andrea Bocelli and Zucchero to Eros Ramazzotti and Laura Pausini, countless Italian singers found their moment in the Sanremo Music Festival.

With such big names and a rich history attached to it, we can’t help but share with you a sense of how big the recently concluded Sanremo Music Festival was.

Maneskins: Winners of Sanremo Music Festival 2021

In March 2021, Maneskins became the first-ever pure rock band to win the Sanremo Music Festival. The Italian band was crowned the champions of the coveted Italian music festival, courtesy of their song, “Zitti e Buoni” – Silent & Good.

Maneskins victory bliss had not died before they were sent off to Eurovision to represent Italy. With anticipated breaths and nervous taps, the audience watched as Maneskins was again declared the winners for yet another music festival. But this time Maneskins had proven its mantle on a global, European stage.

Now that we have mentioned the European stage, let us reveal the musical magic that Eurovision holds and where the next Eurovision would be organized.

All About Eurovision

Eurovision is a Europe-wide musical contest that invites talented musicians to take the stage at the highest level and compete for glory all the while delighting people!

Host City: Turin

With such a large number of musicians that are going to perform, stay, and meet the fans, the host city must be spacious and bustling with life, glamour, and music!

Turin in Italy checked all the boxes and, thus, became the host city for Eurovision 2022.

As one of the most critical business and cultural districts, Turin enjoys a special place in music lovers’ hearts. Its population of 0.8 million will surpass million when tourists flock just in time for Eurovision 2022.

Pala Olimpico Arena

Within Turin, Pala Olimpico is where all musical performances will enchant the audiences and make Turin the most musical region in the world for five to seven weeks.

Beyond the musical venue, Eurovision village, EuroClub, and EuroCafe have also been set to host a variety of musical shows, meet and greet for fans, and nights filled with celebrity DJs!

Get Ready For Eurovision 2022

Last time’s Sanremo Music Festival winners bagged the Eurovision. This time, Mahmood and Blanco, winners of Sanremo music festival 2022, are ready to take on Europe’s music scene with their winning song “Brividi”: Thrills.

You, too, should enjoy the Eurovision song contest this year and sing alongside Mahmood and Blanco as they contest with their hit song “Brividi.”