Learning a new language is the ideal way to pay tribute to any culture and its people.
Each year, several weeks commemorate different events, languages, and countries.
October, however, is reserved for celebrating Italian language week – an annual event held in the first three weeks of October.
Let’s explore the significance of Italian Language Week and the best way to become a part of the Italian language week in 2022.

Learn Italian Just in Time

With October’s arrival, the Italian language will receive much-deserved hype.

Whether you are on Youtube or Instagram, Italian Language Week will become the talk of the town.

To become a part of Italian Language Week, everyone can attend conferences, exhibitions, and different festivals.

What if we told you there’s an even better way to enjoy the Italian language week?

Learning Italian is the most crucial aspect of enjoying Italian Language Week.

Not only can you enrich yourself with the Italian language and its history, but you can also learn to speak fluent Italian, helping you to connect with millions of people who speak Italian.

An Amazing Opportunity to Learn Italian

As time goes by, our ability to spend some time for learning a new language reduces.

Adulthood with all it’s responsibilities is nothing less than a toll for those wishing to learn a foreign language.

However, Key to Learning Italian is a specialized program tailor-made for busy professionals, teens, and adults.

With one-on-one guidance and dedication from a pro Italian instructor, you can speak fluent Italian with correct pronunciation and develop an excellent ear to understand the Italian language. Isn’t that just what you want?


Benefits of Learning Italian Language

Previous university students and professionals, who took Key to Learning Italian, have reported the following perks and privileges of learning to speak Italian:

  • Increased employment opportunities worldwide,
  • Improved pronunciation skills
  • New cultural experiences
  • The ability to sing all Italian songs and/or Italian arias without being intimidated. Let’s be honest. Nobody would want to miss the opportunity to sing out loud during any one of the live Måneskin Let’s face it, it’s an attractive skill.


Embrace the art and craft of the Italian language and enjoy learning Italian as well as improving it.

If you wish to learn Italian effectively and just in time for the Italian Language week, check out the Key to Learning Italian course.

Together, let’s explore the Italian language in all its glory!