Experience the delightful aroma and robust flavor of Turkish coffee, a historical drink deeply ingrained in Turkish culture. Exploring the rich traditions and distinct brewing method of this iconic beverage, we unveil the secrets behind the perfect cup of Turkish coffee.

Why is Turkish Coffee an Exceptional Drink?

Turkish coffee is not just a drink; it’s an experience deeply rooted in tradition. With origins tracing back to the 15th century Ottoman Empire, Turkish coffee offers a unique taste sensation that captivates both locals and visitors. Its exceptional flavor and historical significance transform a mere cup of coffee into a cultural emblem.

Turkish coffee has an essential role in social gatherings, from pre-wedding ceremonies to baklava-filled afternoon delights. Turkish coffee is an integral part of Turkish hospitality.

The Art of Brewing:

Master the art of brewing Turkish coffee at home with our step-by-step guide:

In order to brew Turkish coffee, first we need a cezve, a specially designed coffee pot made of copper.
Before preparing traditional Turkish coffee for your guests, it is of custom to ask how they much sugar they would prefer to have in their coffees. Because unlike any other coffee, the amount of sugar one would prefer to have in their Turkish coffee is to be decided beforehand and added to the coffee accordingly during the process of brewing. And there are 3 alternatives to choose from: Full-sugar Turkish coffee (“sekerli”), no-sugar Turkish coffee (“sade”) or Turkish coffee with a little sugar in it (“orta şekerli” or simply “orta”). In order to obtain a full-sugar Turkish coffee, it would be advisable to add one dessert spoon full of sugar, and for Turkish coffee with a little sugar in it, half a spoon of sugar would be sufficient. Needless to say, no sugar is added into a no-sugar Turkish coffee.
When it comes to the amount of ingredients, two dessert spoons full of Turkish ground coffee along with one coffee cup (fincan) of water  is poured into the cezve to get the coffee mixture ready. Sugar, if needed, is to be added at this stage too.

The Magic of the Foam:

One of the defining characteristics of Turkish coffee is its luscious foam, known as “kopuk”.

The foamy layer adds an extra element of texture and indulgence to each sip, making Turkish coffee truly irresistible.
The temperature of the water that goes inside the coffee pot plays an important role in obtaining the right amount of foam. The water used for brewing Turkish coffee should be should be chilled water. Once the water is measured and inserted into the cezve, all ingredients are mixed with a dessert spoon and put on a low heat flame with no further mixing required. Once the coffee mixture slowly gets bubbly and rise along the cezve, it means it’s almost ready, but not without taking it to the boil for a total of 3 times. With each boil, it is necessary to take the cezve away from the flame and pour some of it inside the cups. With each pouring, make sure to transfer it’s foam inside each small coffee cup called “fincan”.
A fincan (on the left) and a cezve (on the right) image  by samer daboul: https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-tea-cup-on-gray-surface-2102818/

Serving and Social Customs:

It is advisable to serve this aromatic brew with a glass of water and Turkish lokum (a gummy Turkish treat of different flavours)

It’s worth mentioning the whimsical practice of fortune-telling through coffee grounds which is a customary experience dating back centuries.
Lokum image by Meruyert Gonullu: https://www.pexels.com/photo/assortment-of-sugar-starch-cubes-sprinkled-with-powdered-sugar-6161509/

Health Benefits:

Delightfully, Turkish coffee offers more than just a sensory experience. Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, Turkish coffee has been linked to improved mental focus, enhanced heart health, and increased longevity. Discover the hidden advantages of indulging in this cultural treasure.

Final Thoughts:

Turkish coffee effortlessly blends history, culture, and exceptional flavor into a single cup. Embrace the historical significance, the art of brewing, the magic of foam, and the captivating social customs associated with this ancient drink. Discover the alluring world of Turkish coffee, and let its authentic taste transport you to the heart of Turkish culture.