When you think of Italy, you likely think of the impressive architecture, mouthwatering food, fashion, lyric music and beautiful language that captivates listeners. So eventually, reasons that would lead you to study Italian language are plenty.

Hello, my name is Melike Tan. I am a certified Italian language specialist who is dedicated to demonstrating how to make Italian language familiar to you. So, whether you are traveling to Italy, need to learn Italian for work, want to sing all Italian songs accurately, or simply enjoy collecting languages, I can help you.

My mission is to help Italian language learners reach their linguistic goals on their first try. So far, my Master’s degree in teaching of Italian as a foreign language and the CILS C2 certification have been helpful in teaching this melodic language to my students, but apart from my qualifications, what has proved to be most efficient is the respect I have with regard to my students’ goal and pace. I have extensive experience teaching Italian language lecturing at the university level. Producing great results for the students I’ve been working with has always nurtured my passion for this profession.

I’m here to help you improve your Italian language skills by putting into practice the right tips. How can I do that? By offering you solutions through e-books and one on one courses that you can find here on Key to Learning Italian.


Learning Materials

I am proud to offer high-value educational products that include effective Italian grammar materials for English speakers. Continue reading to get to know more about efficient solutions to your Italian language needs that you can find on Key to Learning Italian:


  • Italian Grammar E-books
  • Establishing a solid foundation will help you develop your linguistic skills later down the line. Detailed explanations of all Italian grammar subjects, vocabulary, common phrases, texts followed by useful exercises to facilitate the written comprehension and many more covered in Italian language e-books make them the ideal solution for not only beginner level learners of Italian as a foreign language but also for intermediate and advanced level Italian language enthusiasts.


  • Italian Pronunciation Course
    • Fear of mispronunciation is common among foreign language learners; so Italian Pronunciation Course is here eliminate such anxieties. It includes an effective pronunciation system to help you develop proper rhythm, intonation, articulation, and more. I will also provide tips that will allow you to pronounce the double consonants vs. single consonants, to letter -r, diagrams and much more so that you will feel more confident while speaking, reading, writing and singing in Italian.